Monday, November 5, 2012

HARD Day of the Dead girls!

Hey guys!!! I hope you an awesome weekend, I went to HARD Day of the Dead on Saturday and it was CRAZY!!! I had soooo much fun and the music was SO GOOD the entire night!! My favorite sets of the night were Zeds Dead, Knife Party and Major Lazer...they all had me dancing my ass off! Above is a photo of me and Adrienne, I found her on Instagram and she is the sweetest! She sells some really amazing rave gear, check out her website Little Black Diamond! TONS of people had their faces painted like sugar skulls and everyone looked amazing! I took a few pictures with some girls, I wish I would've taken more but I seriously would've been taking pictures alllll night because every where I looked I saw amazing makeup and outfits...
Here's a closer look at my makeup! My outfit was purple so I decided to go with a purple and gold color scheme. My face paint held up surprisingly well the entire night, the only thing the smudged a little was my nose. I wanted to do my whole face but they said if security couldn't "idenitfy you to your ID" they wouldn't let you in so I didn't want to risk it, but things got so crazy I saw plenty of people with their whole face painted, oh well! I also made my head band with some halloween stuff that was on sale at Michaels, I love the glittery skull and I think it really pulled the whole look together nicely!
I found this girl in the crowd and her makeup was flawless! I really liked the blue around her eyes, I wish the flash didn't wash us out so much...I wish I had a professional camera!
These girls had the most BEAUTIFUL outfits, the girl in the pink made them herself, and they had really cool head pieces too!
This girl was super cute, love her outfit and little hat!
I loved the girl on the right's outfit, she had a bunch of studs every where and you know I love studs!
Okay I'm SO SAD the lighting is all messed here, I don't know if you can tell but this girl had gold around her eyes and it looked amazing!!! I should've gotten a close up shot, and her outfit is so cute!
These girls looked FANASTIC as well!!
This girl looked PERFECT! I love her outfit and the sequins around her eyes!

That's all the beautiful Day of the Dead girls I got!! There were sooo many others, I wish I could've gotten a picture with everyone! If you're in one of these pictures let me know, it was so nice to meet everyone!!