Thursday, October 25, 2012

Practicing Day of the Dead Makeup + Ben Nye MagiColor Liquid Paint Review

Hey guys! I willing be attending HARD's Day of the Dead music festival on November 3rd and I'm SO EXCITED! I haven't been to a HARD event since Halloween 2009 and I can't wait to see to the improvement they've made to their festival. This is only Halloween party I'll be attending this year so I decided to just go with the theme, Day of the Dead! I'm sure a lot of people will be painting their faces and it will be so cool! This was my first try and MAN, did it take a long time (about 2 hours)! I decided to buy some GOOD quality face paint, not that stuff they sell at the Halloween store. Keeping reading for my first experience and review of the Ben Nye Face Paints!

I bought these because I wanted something water-proof, since I will be doing LOTS of dancing and running around from stage to stage...and I don't want my makeup fading or smearing off! These are suppose to be water resistant and smudge proof! The first time I tried applying the white all over my face with a makeup sponge, this is did NOT going well...this paint dries FAST and once it dries it does not blend at all. I tried using a flat foundation brush next but I couldn't work that fast and the blending didn't look good. FINALLY I tried using my flat top kabuki brush, I can work much faster work this brush and was able to cover the whole side of my face in white with everything evenly blended! This was the only issue I had with the white, that is what trial and error is for!

The black is VERY black, and again dries very fast. I had one issue with started creasing on my eye lid and I haven't figure out what do to to prevent this, so I might not use it there. It worked well for detail work using an eyeliner brush.

Now about the "water resistant" claims....all the paint washed of EASILY with I would not consider this water resistant. This is the main reason I bought it but I'm not completely disappointed because it IS smudge proof! If I was to touch my face the paint does not smear, so I'm happy about that and this should hold up during the festival (definitely better than a cream product that would smudge for sure).

As far as how it felt on my felt fine on on my face, a little dry but not too bad and it wasn't tight or anything. However I did NOT like it on my lips, it felt very dry and this would drive me crazy. So I'm glad I practiced before the festival because I will not be doing the lines on my lips, I will just wear lipstick. This will be much better anyways because I will be drinking a lot so that part of the makeup would definitely get messed up so lipstick will be easier to reapply during the festival.

So that's it for my review! This is why you should test out your makeup before the DAY OF the event to see how it works for you. Ben Nye can only be found at professional makeup stores or online. I bought these at my local Camera Ready Cosmetics store in San Diego. They retail for $6.99 for 1 oz which I think is a pretty fair price for professional products. Thanks for reading! Have you tried any face paints before, what was your experience?