Tuesday, October 30, 2012

OPI So So Skullicious Mini Nail Lacquers

I'm all about Day of the Dead this year instead of Halloween! Seems like a lot of other people are really into it this year as well, or maybe I'm just paying more attention. I'm glad OPI came out with this set for Halloween this year, since the nail decals will be perfect for the Day of the Dead music festival I will be attending this Saturday! This set comes with 4 mini nail lacquers and 10 nail decals...now let's see some swatches!

  Hi, Pumpkin!
This is the perfect pumpkin orange color! The formula was okay, a little streaky and needed 3 coats to even out. But I do love this orange!

A-Rose from the Dead
This is a bright pink cream, on the cool side so I like it a lot. The formula was good and only needed two coats!

Mourning Glory
This color was the most disappointing of the bunch, this is three coats and as you can see it is still not opaque and streaky.

Of course they had to do a black polish for Halloween, luckily the formula wasn't too bad and only needed two coats! Very shiny too (no top coat in this photo)

Skull decals
I thought these were stickers but turns out they are water based. Instructions say to remove protective film from decals, cut out the decal you want to use and dip it in warm water for 10 seconds, moisten the surface of your nail. Gently slide the decal off the paper backing and onto your nail (don’t flip the decal over). Blot with a tissue and add top coat.

I will be applying these later this week, hopefully they turn out well and I'll post a picture! I can't decide what colors to use underneath them though...what color do you think will really make them pop? What do you think of this set?? Thanks for reading!!