Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October Birchbox!

Here's my October Birchbox! When I first opened this box, I thought everything was kind of boring BUT once I tried out a few of the products, I've discovered some new favorite things! Now that's what I love about Birchbox, keep reading for my initial impressions of everything!

Orofluido Elixir:

This serum contains argan oil which strengthens strands, linseed oil which smoothes cuticles to leave hair shiny and cyperus oil which fortifies and boosts manageability. Quick-absorbing and lightweight, cause be used on damp or dry hair. SO I actually have the Orofluido Shampoo and mask so I was really excited to get this oil! And let me tell you WOW, this oil really makes the whole difference. The shampoo and deep conditioning mask are nice but when I used this oil afterwards, it made the whole diference! My hair felt ridicously SOFT and smooth, I seriously LOVE this stuff. I don't think I will repurchase the shampoo or mask, this oil is what really improved my hair...I can honestly say it is comparable to the Macadamia Healing Oil which was my favorite until now!

Mighty Leaf:
I love drinking tea so I didn't mind getting these! These are the most luxurious tea packets I've ever had and they tasted delicious!

DDF Brightening Cleanser:
This cleanser contains potwnt active ingredients that work to fade brown spots, scars and redness while also leaving skin fresh and smooth. In addition to naturally brightening botanicals like mulberry bark, licorice root, and peach leaf, the formula has exfoliating glycolic and salicylic acids to refine skin’s texture and stave off blemishes. I thought this was the full size when I opened my box but turns out it's about half but I am VERY pleased with this sample size. I've been using this cleanser for the past week now and I LOVE it. I've been meaning to buy a product that helps fade scars and I have a lot of redness so this cleanser is PERFECT for me, I'm so happy I received it!

Per-fekt Beauty Lip Perfection Gel:
I was really disappointed in this sample because I just received this for free with my last Sephora order. And I don't really like this lip gel at all.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum:
This oil-free serum uses powerful grape-derived viniferine to promote even tone and a glowing complexion. Perfect for all skin types, the luxe formula is free of irritating ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and petrochemicals. Rounding out the winning formula, radiance-boosting glycerin moisturizes dry skin. It was nice to try this product, it smells amazing and felt very luxurioius. I got about 5 uses out of this tube, I can't say if it really made a difference but it does seem like a really good product - expensive though!

That's it! I'm pretty happy with this month and discovered two products I really love. The DDF cleanser and Orofluido oil work really well and are my new favorite products! What do you think of these products? How was your Birchbox this month?

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