Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Haul! Philosophy Cosmetics for only $3!

If you live in the US and follow Nouveau Cheap you've probably already heard of this awesome deal - $3 for Philosophy makeup at Big Lots!!! I went to Big Lots last Friday and couldn't find anything, then I went again yesterday and they display was right in the front! My Big Lots didn't have everything Nouveau Cheap has on her master list but I picked out a few items I will definitely use! I actually had to stop myself from buying one of everything, I'm a sucker for sales...just because it's cheap doesn't mean I "need" it! Check out what I got with swatches and first impressions!

I bought a concealer, lip gloss, cream blush and mini kabuki brush. Again these were only $3 each, so I paid for $12.93 for everything!!! I really wanted some eye shadows but they didn't have any....

Eye Hope Anti-Aging Concealer in Extra Light:
I'm most excited about this product! This retails for...I have no idea! The Philosophy website says $999.99-$0.00 but it's on Amazon for $9.99 or Ebay for $5.99.

"Eye hope anti-aging concealer is the ultimate age-fighting concealer with a built-in skin care core of moisture, peptides and antioxidants. creamy, full-coverage color helps hide dark circles and smooth the appearance of fine lines, while reviving eyes without dragging, caking or creasing. eyes appear brighter and well-rested."

This swatch looks lighter on my hand but it matches my face fine. I used it this morning under my eyes it was nice and creamy, blended well and pretty opaque - we'll see about staying power!

Supernatural Lit From Within Healthy Cream Blush in Feel Warm All Over:
I don't have very many cream blushes so I thought I would try this out! Again I can't find this product on Philosophy's website so these must be all discounted but I found it on Dermstore for $22.50 or Amazon $5...haha what a difference in price!

"Create a healthy flush with philosophy The Supernatural Lit From Within Cream Blush, a sheer mineral blush. The super-blendable formula refreshes your complexion, producing a radiantly natural-looking finish. Moisturizing jojoba, castor and sunflower seed oils create the silky feel, leaving your skin soft and hydrated."

This is a really pretty coral pink with gold shimmer, it's not very opaque but gives my cheek a nice glow.

Supernatural Superglossy lip gloss SPF 15 in Bare Your Soul:
This lip gloss is on Amazon for $19.99. Feels like an average lip gloss to me, the color pay off is okay, looks like my natural lips but glossier.

"Supernatural superglossy is a sheer, shiny, liquid lip gloss that moisturizes and conditions lips without a sticky feel. It's also formulated with SPF 15, to provide broad-spectrum sun protection, and has antioxidants to help keep lips looking young and healthy."

The Color of Grace Retractable Mini Kabuki:
I needed a brush to keep in my purse so this retractable one is perfect! This on Dermstore for $20. It feels okay, I used it to contour this morning and it worked well. Nouveau Cheap said she experienced a lot of shedding so we'll see how this holds up after a couple of washes.

"The Color of Grace Go with Grace Face Brush from philosophy is a retractable on-the-go brush for a perfect complexion. The full brush easily glides along your face, blending perfectly. The retractable feature and top ensures it stays clean and well-shaped."

That completes my Philosophy haul! I've only tried bath and skincare stuff from Philosophy so I'm excited to try their makeup. If you're interested in any of these products head on over to your local Big Lots before they are gone! Sorry if you don't have a Big Lots :( Let me know what you think of these products or if you got in on this awesome deal too!