Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zoya Izzy & Kissy

Funny story about these two polishes...I ordered Izzy and Kissy from Zoya on Halloween because their "treat" for the day was buy two polishes and you only have to pay the shipping - $6.95. I thought, not bad almost like buy one get one free. So I picked out the pink polishes from their new Gems & Jewels collection. I received my order less than a week later...opened up my package and saw two exact same polishes, aww man Zoya sent me the same polishes by accident! I called Zoya the next day to tell them that they had sent me two Izzys instead one Izzy and one Kissy...they said no problem and they would send me Kissy free of charge. (Note: the above photo is two coats of Izzy with one coat of Kissy on top).

WELL turns out my dumbass got the names mixed up because when I received my new package from Zoya, it was the SAME polish again! Now I had THREE Kissys...which I thought was Izzy UGHH!! So I gave one to my coworker Jessica, then I called Zoya to ask if I could do an exchange (because I still didn't need two Kissys). Back to where I started getting the names right this time...they said they could do the exchange but I would have to pay for shipping (so much for the sale now), I asked for one Izzy and I would send them back one Kissy in the mail.

But wait it gets better!!! So then I open up my November Birchbox...and what do I see?? Zoya Izzy! Oh my goodness I couldn't believe I was like, UGH I hope Zoya didn't send out my exchange yet because I don't need two Izzys! So I call Zoya again and ask if I change the polish I want exchange, luckily I could because it wasn't sent out yet. This time I asked for Kristen from the new FEEL collection...everything worked out in the end! So that's my story haha, let see these polishes that caused me so much hassle...

Zoya Izzy swatch:
I already showed this swatch in my Birchbox post, it is such a pretty pink! It is a bright super saturated pink with hints of silver for almost a foil-like finish. The formula is perfect and opaque in two coats.

Zoya Kissy swatch:
Kissy is a pink glitter with holographic bar glitter. I love the holographic effect but after getting this polish I'm still not a huge fan of bar glitter. I took this photo when I first got this polish a month ago so that's why my nails are shorter. This is three coats of Kissy, I needed three coats for full coverage. The first photo that you see in this post is two coats of Izzy with one coat of Kissy...I think that is the best way to wear these two polishes. If you compare this photo to the first one, three coats of Kissy looks gritty, where as one coat of it over Izzy looks much smoother.
Unfortunately, Kissy doesn't seem to be a good top coat over other colored polishes. The glitter is too thick, so it doesn't really look good as you can see here. Above is one coat over Julep Maggie, so I think it only works well over a pink polish. I guess that's all I have to say for this Izzy and Kissy show haha, thanks for reading!