Monday, November 28, 2011

November Julep Maven "Bombshell"

For my second Julep Maven box this month I requested a shelf pull on my American Beauty box and asked for Bombshell instead. I didn't want American Beauty because it was suppose to come with the polish Trina which was included in my "Polish Lover" box. WELL Julep still sent me American Beauty BUT they actually realized their mistake and I got an email saying Bombshell was being sent to me before I even contacted them about it, so I guess that's a good thing on their part. Today I'll be sharing my Bombshell box which included a nail polish, lip gloss and makeup bag! I'll also show the lip gloss that was in American Beauty box but I won't show the polish Trina because I already swatched it here and the makeup bag was the same for both boxes.

Julep Maggie swatch:
Maggie is really pretty violet color with shimmer or as Julep describes it, "a frosty amethyst, gemstone in a bottle." I think this is too dark to be considered amethyst, never the less this a gorgeous purple! The formula was excellent, opaque in two coats!

Julep Pout Plumping Lip Gloss:
Julep describes these as a "pout plumping lip gloss to moisturize, shine, and give you fuller, sexier lips." I'm not crazy about these lip glosses in any way. First of all they are $18, that's REALLY expensive and they don't feel or look like anything special. Actually the labels you see here are stickers you can easily take off, I don't think an $18 lip gloss should have cheap stickers on it. These lip glosses do feel pretty moisturizing, but not extremely long lastly. Arousal is a neutral rosy-brown with pink pearl. The color has a nice sheen to it, but not a unique color at all. I could really feel the tingly feeling on my lips, it was almost a little painful and I was about to take it off but it subsided. Ultraviolet is a sheer burgundy color with gold and pink pearl. I didn't really feel the tingly feeling in this one. I don't really like the color, I don't like how you can see little specks. Again this was is just really too sheer and nothing special to be worth $18. Did they "plump" my lips? No. I don't think any lip gloss that claims this ever does.
So that's it for this month's Julep Maven boxes! I like the nail polish but the lip glosses are not worth it in my opinion. Oh wait, I didn't talk about the makeup bag that was's alright. Feels kind of cheap, but I like that it has pockets inside. I've filled mine with miscellaneous stuff like jewelry, random makeup products, head bands, etc. Thanks for reading!