Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics: Blush Review

These are the last of the Lumiere products sent to me for review, blushes! Lumiere has a wide range of cheek colors to choose from...pinks, peaches, reds, browns and even violets! I received Poppy and Sweet Cherub, two pink blushes that are best suited for fair skin. Lumiere was having an awesome Black Friday sale, 50% off store wide and I am so sad I didn’t get to take advantage of it - or any deals last weekend for that matter, boo for being broke! A full size blush is $12 for 4 grams, the sample jar I have here is $2.50 or you can even get a baggie for $1.00.

Poppy is a soft matte natural nude light pink. I realized I don’t own a single matte blush and I’ve fallen in love!!! It looks so beautiful and natural on. The texture is amazing, easily glides on and blends really well. I had no issues with staying power as well, it lasted all day and didn’t fade. I definitely recommend this color and I really want to try out more of their mattes!

Sweet Cherub is creamy nude pink with a soft brown undertone and slight gold shimmer. This color is okay, I have tons of shimmery blushes. For some odd reason this blush wouldn’t show up on my skin that well, I think it is really sheer. I tend to go a little overboard when applying my blush and I put A LOT of this on because I wanted you to see it in the picture...and it just wasn’t showing up how I wanted it to – in person or in the photo. I wouldn’t recommend this color, but the texture nice and silky…it seemed to blend well but lacked pigmentation. 
On the left I'm wearing Poppy and on the right I'm wearing Sweet Cherub. I took these a couple weeks ago and now that I'm writing this I think I should have took the photos in the same spot for better accuracy in terms of lighting. I really appreciate reviews where I can see blush on the person's face...even if they don't have my skin tone, it gives me a better idea it overall. So I wanted to do that for you guys too. Poppy gives my cheeks a really pretty natural flush, I love the way it looks! Like I said before, I put Sweet Cherub on heavily and you still can't see that much but you can see a little shine on my cheeks from the shimmer.

Overall, I think Lumiere's blushes are really good. The texture if soft, smooth, blends well and has good staying power. Poppy definitely won me over and is my favorite of the two. Based on the two samples I received, I would recommend their matte blushes more than shimmer ones. If you missed my other posts about Lumiere, I reviewed foundation here and eye pigments here. I'm really glad I got the opportunity to try out some of their products, hopefully my reviews were helpful for you as well!