Monday, October 31, 2011

Escape From Wonderland...

I want to show you guys a few photos from the music festival I went to Saturday night to celebrate Halloween! The event was called Escape From Wonderland hosted by Insomniac Events! Insomniac always puts together AMAZING music festivals like EDC, and this was their first ever Halloween festival! It was sooo much fun and I had an awesome time! I got to see a lot of different DJs perform like Steve Angello, Benny Benassi, Markus Schulz, ATB, Le Castle Vania, Borgore, Sub Focus and more!

As you can see I dressed up at the Black Swan!!! I originally just wanted to be a ballerina in all black. I told my boyfriend that and he said "so like the Black Swan?" I was like "no, but that's a great idea!" So I decided to go with it, I had a lot of fun doing the makeup, and got lots of compliments from people as too. I few people even wanted to take a picture with me :D
My boyfriend went as a Hannibal Lector with a bloody lab coat. He was wearing one of the scarier mask that I saw, and lots of people gave him props too! The black swan makeup was pretty easy to do, but I didn't do a perfect job (it doesn't like it same straight out of the movie haha). I actually only used 4 products for the eyes: Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero, set that with a black shadow for a 120 palette. The silver was Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #3. Then just a red shadow from a 120 palette under my eyes to give the red eye effect. It wasn't very hard to get my face pale either, just didn't my regular full face foundation set with a translucent powder and some contouring.
I had an amazing time enjoying the music, dancing and hanging out with all my friends! The music during the night was good, but I wasn't blown away by any one's set. Surprisingly I only saw two other blacks swans. But there are soo many people (about 45,000) I barely get to see a fraction of the crowd!
There was tons of Halloween-themed decorations around the place too! Lots of cool stuff like a graveyard, hanging skeletons/ghosts, creepy trees and Halloween images every where! Then even had two haunted mazes you could go through, I so bummed we didn't go in one of them! The line to get in was a hour and a half wait and we didn't want to waste our time standing in line in the cold(it was very cold) when we could be dancing.
I love going to these events, although I don't go to them as frequently as I use too. Actually this is the first one since I started blogging four months ago haha. Now I want to know what you guys did/are doing for Halloween?! Partying, giving out candy, working haha??? Tonight I'll be taking my little brother trick or treating! I love Halloween and I hope you've joined yours too!