Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Julep Maven Update

Hey everyone! So I want to update you all my thoughts about the Julep Maven program. You may have read about the issues going on with the Julep and how a lot of people are unhappy. I want to share my experience since I will continue to be a Julep Maven and have actually had a positive experience with them. If you don't feel like reading about it just scroll down to see what I got in my September "It Girl' box!

I believe all the drama started when Jen from The Polishaholic wrote her post about why she will no longer be a Julep Maven. A part of the Julep Maven program is you can get a referral link to give out to people so if they sign up through your link, you will receive a $15 credit for each person you refer. Sounds great right? Well turns out Julep had a “glitch” in their system and they could not track anyone’s credits. I didn’t even know this until I read Jen’s post and I know this is how a lot of other people found out too. People were still sharing their links, expecting to automatically receive their $15. This pissed off A LOT of people off…because basically Julep knew there was a problem and didn’t email or publicly let any of us know. Julep said they would issue your credit you gave them the first and last names of the people that signed up through your link (however this is impossible for bloggers who don’t personally know or talk to all their readers). People weren't mad that they weren't getting their money, it was just the fact the Julep didn’t tell anyone (you had to contact them first to find out)...

Now I will share with you my personal experience and how I believe Julep turned this negative experience into a positive one (and truly are making up for their mistakes). When I found out about all this from Jen’s post I was upset with Julep too…I emailed them on September 1st letting know how I felt and asking them why they haven’t publicly informed us that our referral links don’t work. They emailed me back on September 2nd apologizing and explaining what happened. Anyone who got their link between August 1st and August 23rd, their data was not transmitting correctly from the link. They said they discovered the problem on August 23rd and since then had been working to recover all missing referral data (and thought they would be able to). On September 2nd (11 days later) they realized they would not be able to recover all the data and emailed all the Mavens about it. So even though we all got mad and thought Julep was lying and didn’t want to give us our credits, this was not the case. They just needed some time sort things out.

In my opinion Julep handled this situation very well…they discovered there was a problem, worked hard to fix the problem, realized they couldn’t fix it or retrieve the data, then emailed everyone letting them know. I think everyone just freaked out to quickly and didn’t give Julep enough time to resolve everything. To make up for their mistakes, Julep is giving everyone who signed up before August 24th their October box free of charge! Also they are working with everyone who believes they may have had people sign up using their links and they are giving everyone the $15 credits they deserve. I received a second email from Julep, apologizing and explaining the situation again but in this email they offered to give me 6 months of Julep Maven boxes for free, since I was one of the first people to sign up!!! When I read that I couldn’t believe it and thought this is too good to be true (I was happy with my October box for free)! I decided to test them, not contact them about it and see if they would follow through. Well to my pleasant surprise I got an email yesterday confirming my 6 months of complimentary Julep Maven boxes. Since I have two subscriptions (“It Girl” and American Beauty) they asked which I would like for free and if I wanted to continue to pay for the second.

So that’s that! My experience has been nothing but positive…shipping time is fast, they email me back quickly and I haven’t had any other problems. I know other people have had problems like being mischarged, getting wrong items, etc. But I believe if you call or email them they will resolve the issue. Just wanted to let you guys know my thoughts!

Well enough of that, I haven’t showed you guys what I got in my September “It Girl” box! I received Julep Natasha, Essential Cuticle Oil and Everyday SPF Hand Cream. I reviewed the cuticle oil and hand cream in my American Beauty box here. I requested I shelf pull on this box because the original polish was going to be a mustard yellow color, and I’m not a huge fan of yellow. Natasha is an intense orange, feels more like a summer color than a fall color to me but that’s okay! This is probably the sheerest of all the Julep polishes I have so far, needed 3 coats to be fully opaque but the application was nice and smooth! Julep Natasha swatch:
I also got some extra goodies in my box for being one of the first Julep Mavens to sign up! I got a glass nail file and this other handy dandy little thing (I have no idea what it's called haha). It contains a sewing kit, comb, mirror and a lint roller. It’s small enough to carry in my purse and it couldn’t be more perfect that it has a lint roller because my Siberian Husky sheds like CRAZY, so I basically need a lint roller with me 24/7! I’m actually liking this Julep glass nail file more than my glass file from Sephora because the Sephora one is only one-sided, this one is double-sided and I feel like it works better (files my nails a lot faster and with ease).
Now that Julep has hopefully worked out all the glitches, if you are interested in signing up you can read my post about all the benefits here. Thanks for reading!